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selecting your beverage package

The beverage program at Movida complements its Spanish-inspired menu with a variety of options, including wines from various regions of Spain, cocktails with traditional Spanish elements like sherry or brandy, along with it's signature sangria on tap. Movida is also true to Wisconsin  staples like a well prepared Old Fashioned and ice cold Spotted Cow. 

Fully Customizable Beverage Packages

Movida | Old Fashioned
Movida | Hemingway Daquiri
Movida | Red Sangria
Movida | Manhattan
Movida | Paloma
Movida | Gin and Tonic
Movida | Manhattan
Movida | Espresso
Movida | Daquiri
Movida | Spiked Cereal
Movida | G&T
Movida | Shared Cocktails
Movida | Feed Me Sangria


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